Why Keppler?

  1. The reality is that few public building owners, and specifically school administrators, have the time or expertise needed to devote to multimillion dollar projects;
  2. Designers and builders employ highly trained, very experienced personnel and today, it is simply not enough to delegate design and construction responsibilities to outside professionals; and,
  3. To further complicate things, on Ohio Facility Construction Commission projects, owners are expected to take an active role in the project.

Simply put, for large construction projects, the problem facing public building owners is one of time and expertise.  One solution is to engage an Owners Representative who can efficiently alleviate this time consuming, highly technical burden placed upon a public owner.

Typical Owners Representative Services include:

  • Serving as the owner’s liaison with the OFCC, designers and builders throughout the project;
  • Assist and advise in the selection of the Architect, Construction Manager or Contractors;
  • Participating in planning, design and construction meetings ensuring that owner needs are met;
  • Review and evaluate construction change directives, requests for information, and change orders;
  • Monitor and comment on the design and construction budget;
  • Monitor and comment on the construction schedule and coordinate with the designer and Construction Manager or Contractor to prepare a remedial schedule if warranted.
  • Assisting with the planning, coordination and movements of students, staff and equipment;
  • Participate in claim review – delays or non-conforming work;
  • Assisting the Treasurer/Accountant with project accounting, and;
  • Continuously updating the public owner on project progress.

Why Keppler Consulting for Owner’s Representation?

  • Knowledge of State Policies & Procedures: having served as the first Executive Director of the Ohio School Facilities Commission, and as the State Architect of Ohio.
  • Experience in Community Relations & Communications: having attended numerous Partnering meetings, making presentations to School Boards and countless Community Meetings;
  • Experience as Public Facility Owner: having served as a public facilities owner, Mr. Fischer has a keen understanding of what’s required of school administrators;