Facilities Assessment

Ohio School Facilities Commission

Faced with the task of assessing and creating district-wide master plans and associated renovation and replacement budgets statewide, Mr. Fischer oversaw the creation and implementation of an interactive web site to manage this effort that combined information from school districts, outside assessment consultants and OSFC staff.  The system allowed the OSFC to divide the enormous task of assessing the condition of every school building amongst numerous consultants while insuring consistency during data collection and data reporting.  Total square footage of the assessed space exceeded 50 million with total master plan budgets of over $10 billion. 

Arkansas Statewide Facilities Assessment

In 2020, the State of Arkansas came under a court order to provide adequate learning environments for all public school facilities.  The Legislature decided that the first step should be an assessment of the current state of condition of all K-12 schools.  As Co-Director of the team selected to oversee the statewide assessment, Mr. Fischer developed, managed and implemented a procurement process to select, contract for and oversee the efforts of over 100 assessment consultants working for 18 different teams – teams that successfully assessed over 80 million square feet of K-12 educational space in 80 days. 

Ohio Department of Transportation: Facilities Assessment

The Ohio Department of Transportation (“ODOT”) owns and operates over 6 million square feet of space across the state in office buildings, maintenance garages, rest areas and a variety of storage facilities. Realizing that their assessment and subsequent facilities repair prioritization process was flawed; Mr. Fischer was part of the team that provided a review and analysis of their current building assessment and capital planning processes.  The review concluded that the current method of assessment, facility condition documentation and resultant capital planning process was inconsistent, inaccurate and did not allow for the proper prioritization of funds.

Mr. Fischer managed the pilot assessment where four types of facilities containing over 200,000 square feet of space were assessed and the data collected presented to ODOT. The report and recommendations contained within provided the impetus to ODOT to move forward with a statewide assessment of all of its facilities.